Hydraulics Laboratory

Hydraulics Laboratory

Reynoulds Apparatus
To study the principle of laminar & turbulent flow and determination of Reynolds number for various flow rates
Verification Of Bernoulli’s Theorem
To study Bernoulli’s theorem can be verified by calculating the energy and head of water at different sections
Flow Over Notches / Weir Apparatus
Notch is fitted water is supplied at one end of channel over the notch.  A Settling chamber with dampers is provided at the beginning Of flow channel to reduce the pulsations and to settle the flow
Flow Through Orifice & Mouthpiece
To study Cd, Cc, & Cv of orifice as well as Cd of mouthpiece
Flow Measurement By Venturimeter And Orifice Meter
A transparent venturi and an orifice, Tapings to measure the pressure difference across venturi and orifice, connected to a differential manometer. The actual flow rate can be measured, measuring tank and both the meters can be calibrated
Losses In Pipe Fittings

To study of loss of head in various pipe fittings

Losses In Pipe Friction

To study the effect of velocity over the head loss

Impact of Jet Apparatus
Demonstration of force exerted by impact of a jet on a vane and comparison of theoretical force and actual force
Study of Pressure Measurement Devices
Orifice fitted to create the pressure difference.  Various pressure measurement devices are fitted to have good insight of the devices
Study Of Free & Forced Vortex
Transparent cylinder mounted on rotatable base plate. Water is directed tangentially in the cylinder, free vortex is formed. The cylinder rotated. forced vortex is formed. can be observed at different speeds.
Flow Visualization Apparatus
To observe the flow is disturbed due to obstacles and flow pattern around  the obstacles
Metacentric Height of Ship Model
To study metacentric height of ship
Heleshaw Apparatus
To study streamlined and non-streamlined shapes and flow around the objects can be studied
Tilting Flume Apparatus
The tilting flume is designed to conduct various experiments at various bed slopes, to study open channel flow, specific energy curve, hydraulic jump calibration of weirs, notches and venturi flume
Study of Flow Measurement Devices

To compare the merits and demerits of the devices